Company History

Nov. 1972 As a software development specialist associated with Uchida Yoko Co., Ltd. Uchida Computer Engineering was established in Yokohama, with capital of 4 million yen. Starts providing support for USAC, FACOM, and SEIKO systems sold by Uchida Yoko, as well as development.
Sep. 1977 Through a joint venture with Uchida Yoko, with the aim of constructing a program manufacturing plant in Tokyo's Chuo Ward, Uchida Program Products Co., Ltd. (currently UI Techno Services) was established, with capital of 5 million yen(72.0% stake).
Feb. 1982 After investment in Top Computer Systems Co., Ltd. in Sapporo, Uchida Computer Engineering's Sapporo Sales Office was integrated, and its name was changed to Hokkaido Computer Engineering Co., Ltd.
Jan. 1987 Merger with Uchida Service Co., Ltd. on equal terms and trading name changed to Uchida Esco Co., Ltd. (Sept. 1980 Uchida Service Co., Ltd. concluded a Basic Maintenance Contract for Computers and Related Equipment with Fujitsu Co., Ltd. )
Mar. 1989 Uchida Esco concluded a Maintenance Service Consignment Contract with Apple Computer Japan Co., Ltd. (currently Apple Computer), and starts Macintosh maintenance.
Feb. 1990 System Integrator Registration at Ministry of International Trade and Industry (reregistered on March 26, 1997)
Nov. 1991 ARC was established as a plant for repair of Apple Mac (PowerBook) computers in Urayasu, Chiba, with capital of 10 million yen.
Mar. 1992 Uchida Esco concluded a Maintenance and Warranty Service Agency Contract with Compaq Co., Ltd. (currently Hewlett-Packard Japan), and starts maintenance of Compaq PCs.
Jun. 1995 Uchida Esco concluded a Basic Consignment Contract for Maintenance Service with Hewlett-Packard Japan Co., Ltd. and starts consigned repair of printers.
Jan. 1997 Uchida Esco concluded a Basic Service Contract with Picture Tel Co., Ltd. (currently Polycom Japan K.K.), and starts maintenance of video-conferencing systems.
Mar. 1997 Uchida Esco concluded a Basic Business Consignment Contract with Epson Sales Co., Ltd. and starts maintenance of Epson printers.
Mar. 1998 Uchida Esco registered the OTC stocks to Japan Securities Dealers Association.
Jul. 1998 Land acquired in Urayasu, Chiba, for business use, and Tokyo Branch was established.
Apr. 2000 Esco Assist Co., Ltd. was established as an outsourcing company in Urayasu, Chiba, with capital of 10 million yen.
Nov. 2000 Head Office and Shinkawa place of business was transferred to Tokyo's Koto Ward, and Head Office and Tokyo place of business was established.
Apr. 2001 ISO 9002 certification was obtained by Repair Division, Manufacturer Repair Division, and FM Repair Center. (Upgraded to ISO 9001:2000/JIS Q 9001:2000 on July 24 2003.)
Nov. 2003 ISO 14001 certification was obtained by Head Office and Tokyo Office.
Mar. 2004 ISO 9001:2000,JIS Q 9001:2000 certification was obtained by Solutions business Division.
May. 2004 The use permission of the Privacy Mark was acquired.
Dec. 2004 OTC Registration with Japan Securities Dealers Association was revoked and shares listed on JASDAQ Stock Exchange.
Jul. 2005 Certification of ISMS Certification Criteria (Ver.2.0) and certification of BS7799:PART2:2002 were acquired in the Tokyo branch.
Apr. 2010 As the JASDAQ Securities Exchange and Osaka Securities Exchange were amalgamated, Uchida Esco was listed on JASDAQ market of Osaka Securities Exchange.
Jan. 2013 UI Techno Service Co., Ltd. and Esco Assist Co., Ltd. of the consolidated subsidiary were merged, for the reinforcement of the foundation of the group management, and for the improvement of the management efficiency by the collection of the indirect section. (Surviving company is UI Techno Service Co., Ltd. )
Mar. 2013 Head Office and Tokyo place of business was transferred to Koto ward Kiba from Koto ward Saga.
Jul. 2013 As cash equity market was integrated into the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Uchida Esco was listed on JASDAQ market of Tokyo Stock Exchange.